Safety Policy Statement and Safety Rules

The management of Omni Compressed Air, Ltd. considers no phase of operation or administration as being of greater importance than accident prevention. It is the policy of this organization, therefore, to provide and maintain safe and healthful working conditions and to follow operating practices that will safeguard all employees and result in safe working conditions and efficient operation. Safety will take precedence over expediency and shortcuts. Every attempt will be made to reduce the possibility of injuries. Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental program (QHSE) is ISNetworld and PEC Premier Safety compliant.

Safety is to be the first consideration in the operation of our organization. Safe practices on the part of the employees must be part of all operations. Employees must understand their personal responsibility for preventing injuries on and off the job. Accident prevention and efficient operational procedures/activities go hand-in-hand.

Omni Compressed Air, Ltd. has established minimum safety rules which must be understood and followed. Failure to comply with the safety rules or failure to take due care and caution to prevent accidents and injuries will not be tolerated.

Omni Compressed Air, Ltd. has implemented this Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental program and will work diligently to:

  • Provide quality high tech equipment.
  • Experienced personnel.
  • Provide our staff of experienced personnel with resources needed to continue to provide our clients a superb service.
  • Create a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly working relationship to protect our employees, coworkers and environment from any work related hazards.
  • Comply with all federal, state and client safety laws as well as our own safety regulations and policies.
  • Each employee of Omni Compressed Air, Ltd. is certified through the PEC Premier Safe Land USA safety training course.