Plant Air Blows

Omni Compressed Air, Ltd. provides equipment and expertise to conduct plant air blows. Air is used to build pressure, then the pressure is quickly released to clean steel lines and boilers of welding and construction debris in refineries, power plants, and manufacturing plants. Air blows are the only method available to achieve a cleaning force ratio (CFR) or disturbance factor above 1.2 (industry standard) in the super heaters of the boiler. Manufacturers of boilers and HRSGs discourage steam flow rates during steam blows that would allow for carryover of moisture from the drum to the super heaters. As a result of this, steam flows through the super heaters cannot be greater than maximum normal operation. Air blows do not have this limitation and, therefore, provide much more effective cleaning of the super heaters.

Dirty Air Blow

Clean Air Blow

General Electric has studied the theoretical potential cleaning ability of air versus steam and found that for the same initial boiler pressure the cleaning force with either would be about the same. Although thermal cycling is not present, experience has shown that cleaning with compressed air, when specifically preceded by a proper chemical cleaning, is nearly as effective as steam blows. It is during the chemical cleaning that the mill scale removal is achieved, which is the value of the thermal cycling found in the steam blows. Compressed air blowdown is preferred by some because it allows for increased construction scheduling flexibility. This is particularly applicable in combined cycle gas and steam power plants.

Omni Compressed Air, Ltd. supplied the compressors, boosters and personnel to operate the compressors for the Dry Fork Power Plant air blow. The air blow saved several million dollars versus a steam blow.

Omni Compressed Air, Ltd. has the equipment to provide dry, oil-free air for all your plant air blow needs. We can provide desiccant dryers that are skid mounted and capable of achieving -40 to -100 degree F dew points.